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DHAKA, Monday, 22 Jan 2018 , BDT34০1Asia/Dhaka- 4:34 Eve
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Maximum 15 SIM cards for personal use: BTRC

Staff Correspondent

Update Time: 5 Dec 2017 7:47 pm:
Maximum 15 SIM cards for personal use: BTRC

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) has decided to allow a person to keep maximum 15 cellular phone SIM cards.

The telecom regulator has asked the service takers to diactivate their additional SIM cards by December 31 this year.

The BTRC sent a letter to all mobile phone operators in this regard on Tuesday, asking them to act as per the government's directives.
The letter reads: "The limit of keeping cellular phone connection for personal use has been set and from now on none can keep more than 15 SIM cards. However, the rule will not be applicable to corporate clients."

Corporate clients can use the additional number of SIM cards as per their demands, the letter added.

Earlier, the government decided to allow a person to register maximum 20 cellular phone SIM cards against his/her national identity card.

The government set the limit of using cellular phone connection in the wake of launching biometric SIM registration system.


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