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DHAKA, Monday, 24 Sep 2018 , BDT16০9Asia/Dhaka- 1:16 afternoon
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Fierce scars on the banks of criticism of colleagues

Namita Sultana

Update Time: 17 Jan 2018 3:07 pm:
Fierce scars on the banks of criticism of colleagues

Faria Shahrien is facing the pressure of his colleagues for a daily interview. He is not able to stop this distrust with a status post on Facebook. Rather the debate is increasing. Faria is being directly involved with the colleagues.

When asked why not work regularly, Faria had raised the finger of complaint against colleagues, producers. Or they can not be regular because of their curfew.

In spite of not mentioning the direct name, actress Kabir Tithi on Facebook, in response to Faria's remarks, did not understand the meaning of maligning the media by working in the media ... why media is so bad ...? If all of the media were bad then no girl could work ...

Despite not mentioning the direct name, actress Nafiza Jahan has expressed deep anguish over Faria Shahrien's speech. Nafiza said in the video: Worked on the media. But now nobody takes you to task. And why would you mix the media with soil? And think of yourself as a devout woman, take her own milk powder. You do not bowl to wash the milk. If you used to wash the milk, then you could not have talked about the media so badly.

Meanwhile, some people say Shakib Khan should file a defamation case against Faria. Because of this interview, Faria has made a distorted comment about the dhaliidu's top actor Shakib Khan. He says, to work with him a lot of 'sacriffes'. So leave the work of the film. After the start of a strong criticism of this, Faria gave a different status on Facebook. Faria wrote that the people of the country loved Shakib Khan how much they love. The country's hero Shakib Khan I did not say he gave me direct messy offers. I have told the media people all these and believe that it's brick.

Still the criticism did not stop. Faria has brought a direct charge to the colleagues. Mousumi Hamid charged with lying He shared his personal conversation with Facebook as a screenshot. Mousumi Hamid later commented on Farrique's post on a news link published by Faria. Accept the answer to which Faria said, you are lying.

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