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DHAKA, Thursday, 24 May 2018 , BDT35০5Asia/Dhaka- 3:35 afternoon
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Work on the second span of the Padma Bridge is underway

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Update Time: 27 Jan 2018 12:51 pm:
Work on the second span of the Padma Bridge is underway

The second span of the Padma Bridge (Super Structure) 7 B poles started to be lifted. Responsible engineers of the Padma bridge said that the process of installing span began on Saturday morning. It was not possible to set up a few days before it was supposed to be installed.

Processors said that the second span is sitting on number 38 and number 39. This number 38 will be welded permanently with the first span of the number. But before the welding the lifting frame has been created to carry its load. Which will bear the weight of 18 tons. But it was established to test whether it was able to carry weight.

After the completion of the draw on Friday the waterways are inaccessible. So on Saturday morning, the Spaniard ship was taken in the proper position, that is, between 38 and 39.

Today, at 10am in the morning, an engineer said that the span was holding down the crane. It has been kept high. Then the 36-tonne vessel will float the floating crane ship 'Tian E' span and put it on two poles.

Meanwhile, the Padma bridge expert panel's three-day long meeting meeting ended today. In this meeting, 11 experts, including five foreign experts, are taking part in the meeting. The experts will end the meeting with the decision on the overall situation of the bridge. So the last day of this meeting is also important for special reasons.

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